VPN setup guide for Computers

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Linux (rpm)

VPN setup guide for iOS (iPhone)

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VPN setup guide for Android

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Remote Desktop guide

- You can connect to your office computer from outside KAMC through Remote Desktop Connection.To do so, you will need first to connect through VPN, then follow steps in the guide mentioned above (How to connect to your computer using remote desktop )

- If you receive an error saying that you don’t have permission, then you will need to create a request to add needed permission

To create the request, please follow these steps:
1- Logon to https://ictservicedesk.kamc.med.sa
2- Use your ID and Windows password to login
3- Choose “I need a new service”
4- From Service Categories menu, select “Network - شبكات”
5- Select “الحصول على صلاحية التحكم عن بعد - Grant Remote Desktop Permission”
6- Fill in the details, and make sure to mention your computer name (for example d-2255) in the Description field
7- Click on “Add Request” to submit the request